Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage

Feel Ultimate Relaxation With Deep Tissue Massage

Golden Star Unisex Spa & Salon  has been a prominent spa in Bangalore that offers a variety of massage services. It has a team of expert and well-experienced massaging professionals that is capable of bringing the customers the right advantages of the massages. Among all other massaging services, the Spa offers extensive Deep Tissue Massage that can relieve the body from all types of discomforts.

The adept movement of the hands can help in the realignment of the deeper layers of the muscles and the tissues thereof. Apart from relieving tension and body pain, deep tissue massage releases stiffness in various areas in the body, specifically, the neck, shoulder joints, calf-muscles, and lower back.

The expert massagers include both men and women who are well-aware of all the proven techniques that can bring you the right advantages.  They begin the process slowly and increase the pressure in the required areas slowly and steadily. It is the best technique that brings immediate relief from all the discomforts the body usually suffers from.

In the opinion of the clients, this technique of Deep Tissue Massage is very effective. Not just ordinary pains, the technique is very much successful in relieving the body from cramps, sprains, and other chronic pains that the body encounters. Golden Star Unisex Spa & Salon proudly claims to be the most trusted place for all kinds of massages, including deep tissue massage

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Improves function and mobility
  • Alleviate the pain
  • Better mood
  • better sleep
  • Improves overall health

This massage technique is also widely used to break adhesions. Many of the chronic pains and spasms in the muscles occur due to "adhesions" between them. These are caused by scar tissue from previous injuries or are toxins that have formed between the tissue fibers and cause adhesion.

Deep tissue massage breaks up and releases built up toxins by relaxing the muscles, thus allowing blood and oxygen to circulate as they should throughout your body.

Deep Tissue Massage
Period of Time  Price in Rupees
 60 Min. Rs. 2200/-
90 Min. Rs. 3000/-